Manufacturing Difficulty

We began negotiations with an egg box manufacturer whose cartons were drying unevenly in their ovens.  Unfortunately, their factory was closed because of asbestos in the building and they consequently went out of business before we could negotiate a contract with them.  We are sure that we could have solved their drying problem by modelling the forced hot air flow in their ovens, and showing them where the 'shadows' were.




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The left hand picture shows air velocity.  The bigger and redder the arrows, the faster the air flow. The right hand picture shows the temperature in the papier-maché egg box.  The hotter the material, the sooner it dries. The complication is that the surface skin which forms on the papier-maché retards further drying, so the outside must not be dried too fast. 


Simulation would have revolutionised this firm's understanding of its process had the firm not met such a tragic end.

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